The Guide to Choose the Right Mouth Guard for You

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Mouthguards keep our mouth safe from issues like teeth grinding, bruxism, snoring while sleeping, or getting hurt while playing. Buying the right mouthguard for sleeping will give you the best protection. Picking the right mouthguard, however, could be a hard task. There must be various questions arising in your mind while buying a mouth guard for yourself such as what kind of mouthguard will be the best for you? Which will be the ideal size for you? Will the mouthguard for teeth grinding also work well as an anti-snoring mouthpiece? We have made it easier for you to pick the right mouthguard for you. Following are a few recommendations from our side which you may follow to get the perfect mouth guard for yourself.


Selecting the right style of mouthguard

Before you dive into the features and certifications of a mouth guard you need to understand the different types of mouthguards that are available in the market. There are 3 major types of mouthguards:

1.      Ready-Made Mouthguards

Ready-made mouthguards are also known as “instant fit mouthguards”. These mouthguards can be used right after taking out of the box. However, with each time you replace them, they tend to get bulkier and thus, less secure. But they are the perfect choice for a temporary fix.

2.      Adaptable Mouthguards

Adaptable mouthguards are also known as ‘boil-and-bite mouthguards. These are the most popular anti-snoring mouthpieces or mouthguards. It is very easy to use these mouthguards as they adapt to the size of your mouth. They just need to be kept in hot water for some time before using and they take the shape of your mouth.

Dentance by Paraiba White is one such mouthguard that can be used in the above-described manner. This mouthguard for teeth grinding not only reduces teeth grinding but also keeps your teeth safe during sports, and helps in reducing snoring. It is a multi-purpose mouthguard.

3.      Custom-made Mouthguards

Custom-made mouthguards are tailored specifically for your mouth. These customization procedures are performed with the help of professional help.

Choose a mouthguard that is comfortable and protective


The perfect mouthguard for teeth grinding or mouthguard for sleeping will not lack when it comes to comfort or protection. You could use these questions to check if the mouthguard fulfills its requirements.

  • Am I able to speak without any disturbance?
  • Is the fit of my mouthguard secure?
  • Does the mouthguard cover your entire mouth?

Be sure to find the mouthguard that fits perfectly as an uncomfortable mouthguard will need to be adjusted constantly which could get irritating and distracting at times.

Make sure your mouthguard meets safety regulations

Make sure that your mouthguard holds an FDA certification. Be sure to do some further research into the product as many manufactures give out fake certifications to sell their products. FDA certification makes sure that the mouthguard is tested for both its impact and protection quotient (innocuous testing).

  • Impact testing regulates the amount of energy that is transferred from the mouthguard to your teeth if your teeth were to sustain a blow. A better mouthguard would be good at shock absorption and diffusing impact.
  • Innocuous testing makes sure that chemicals present within the mouthguard do not leach out regardless of the condition it is present in. It also makes sure that the mouthguard is made from BPA free material.

Be sure to find the right mouthguard for your sport

When it comes to sports, there are functional mouthguards that are tailored towards different areas of sports.

  • Athletes who dwell in contact sports would need a mouthguard that provides a higher degree in defense compared to that of a person who is from a non-contact sport background.
  • If your sport involves wearing headgear, using a strapped or convertible mouthguard will yield the best results.
  • If you are someone who wears braces, there are mouthguards that are designed to keep both your teeth and braces intact.

Be sure to know when to replace your mouthguard

Knowing when to replace your mouthguard will help you keep your teeth safe.

  • If your mouthguard has lost its secure fit, it is time to change to a new pair of mouthguards for sleeping.
  • Over time the shape of our mouth changes. If you feel like the shape of your mouth has changed, it is time to switch to a new mouthguard that fits you.