How to Best Re-Use Cosmetic Bottles

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Carbon footprint is the buzzword on everyone’s lips today. The big question is what are you doing to conserve the environment? And what do you need to do with the extra cosmetic bottles you’re accumulating. Well, today we’ll talk about how small changes can make a huge difference.

Here are some easy ways on how to use your cosmetic bottles.

Perfume jars

Beautiful cosmetic bottles make great perfume jars. Especially the glass cosmetic jars that come in all shapes, colours, and sizes. All you have to do is clean the cosmetic bottle and ensure you’ve got no makeup residue before filling it up with your favourite perfume. You can also have your custom perfume in these cosmetic bottles if you need to carry it in your handbag. You’re assured of no-spill in your purse.

Wall art

Cosmetic bottles can also be used to make your space beautiful. You can paint them as you see fit and put them on your shelves or cluster them against a wall for a beautiful décor effect. You can also use them as picture frames for your family. Or any other unique and innovative wall art you can come up with.

Cosmetic Bottles

Sewing kit

Are you wondering where to put your sewing tools? Well, empty cosmetic bottles are your go-to solution. You can put all your needles, buttons, threads, and any other sewing materials that you struggle to find when you need them. It saves you the time spent running all over looking for sewing tools for easy fixes.


You know all those odd things that you don’t want to throw away and they’re cluttering your space? You can put them inside your used cosmetic bottles. You can put your coins, rocks, pills, pins, candies, nails, earrings, etc. They are perfect organizers and they add some aesthetic appeal to your room. Kids can also use cosmetic bottles to put erasers, pencils, sharpeners, and the like.

Paint pallets

This is particularly good for those who love painting. Mini pallets are perfect for painting even when you’re on the road. Just make sure you clean the cosmetic bottle well before you put any watercolour. It’s advised that you use primary colours in your mini pallets. Glass cosmetic bottles can be carried in your purse or bag without spilling.

There are many more ways to re-use your cosmetic bottles.